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Lab-on-a-Chip devices allows for the field of biomedical engineering to grow rapidly.  This is due to the rapid prototyping involved with the development of new devices, and also the high throughput mechanisms of testing. Lab-on-a-Chip devices also allow for less material to be used while testing. In our lab, a Lab-on-a-Chip device is being used in a method to improve bacteria discovery. 


Incorporation of Bacteria-Encapsulated Microbeads into a Microbe-Domestication Pod

In close collaboration with Kerr Lab, we are developing a technique to improve the process of culturing bacteria that essential for natural product development. We use microfluidic and rapid prototyping techniques to encapsulate single bacteria cells in microbeads.  We have also developed a growth chamber, coined as the MD Pod, which will hold the microbeads and facilitate the diffusion of nutrients.



MD Pod for Sea Sponges and Octocorals

This project consists of improving the current pod design that is incubated in sediment to optimize bacterial grow. Additionally, the pod will be redesigned to work in conjunction with aquatic invertebrates such as sea sponges and small octocoral.


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