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Current Team


Dr. Ali Ahmadi BSc, MSc, PhD, PEng


Principal Investigator

Dr. Ali Ahmadi is an Associate professor in the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering at the University of Prince Edward Island.

Dr. Ali Sadeghianmaryan BSc, MSc, PhD


Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Ali Sadeghianmaryan is working with Prof. Ali Ahmadi as a postdoctoral researcher in the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering at UPEI. He is a faculty member at Islamic Azad University, Ardabil Branch, IRAN, and a part-time researcher in Smart Polymeric Structure Co.

The current areas of his study are Wound dressing, Skin Scaffolding, Tissue Engineering, 3D-Bioprinting, and Electrospinning. Ali is a Doctor of Philosophy - Ph.D., Chemical and Fiber engineering from Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, IRAN. In his Ph.D. course, he studied the application of nano-bio materials for medical purposes. He is well accomplished and trained in drug delivery carriers, In Vitro cytotoxicity tests, In Vitro characterization, biocompatibility, and nano-biofabrication.

Emad Naseri BSc, MSc


PhD Student

Emad started his PhD studies in September 2017.  He is currently working on the development of a drug-eluting scaffold, using 3D bioprinting.

Sam MacDougall BSc


MSc Student 

Sam recently finished her undergraduate degree in Physics at UPEI. She is currently working in her second year as a Masters student in Sustainable Design Engineering researching gas sensors, and developing and testing methods for plant pest and disease detection.

Sara Badr BSc 


MSc Student

Sara has recently graduated from the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering.  She is working on encapsulating a bioactive compound using a microfluidic system/chip that could eventually be incorporated into livestock feed. 

Headshot- Ryan Legault.png

Ryan Legault BSc

MSc Student 

Ryan has recently completed his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick and is pursuing a Master of Science in Sustainable Design Engineering. He is working on a biodegradable fishing bait for a start-up company located in Nova Scotia


Elias Madadian BSc 

MSc Student

Elias has received his Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Isfahan University of Technology and started his Masters in Sustainable Design Engineering in January 2021. His focus area is bioprinting using different methods.


Tina Navaei BSc, MSc 

MSc Student

Tina has received her master’s degree in Nanomaterials-Nanotechnology from Materials and Energy Research Center (MERC), and she started her second Masters in Sustainable Design Engineering in January 2021 at UPEI. She has a bachelor’s degree in textile engineering.
Currently, she is studying the impact of marine bacteria micro-encapsulation on cell-to-cell interactions and bioactive compound production.


Ryan Stewart BSc

Research Assistant

Ryan has recently graduated from UPEI’s Sustainable Design Engineering program with a focus on mechatronics. He is currently working on a manufacturing process for reusable, custom-fit N95 masks for healthcare workers.


Sydney Wheatley

Research Assistant

Sydney has recently completed her third year in Sustainable Design Engineering. She is currently developing a small 3D-printed device for growing 'unculturable' bacteria in sea coral.


Hannah Deveaux

Research Assistant

Hannah is a second-year student in Biology with a specialization in Life Sciences. She is currently working on testing the printing and cross-linking properties of bioinks using a 3D bioprinting system with Calcium Chloride mist printhead attachments.


Rhea Gallant

Research Assistant

Rhea is a third-year student at the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering at UPEI. Her work will look into designing an adjustable mould that can be used to diversify the construction of microfluidic chips.


Bridget Patterson

Research Assistant

Bridget is a third-year engineering student at UPEI who will have a focus area in bioresources. She is working on the development of a bioabsorbable scaffold that will release an agent to prevent infection caused by piercings.

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